Snort v0.1.8: Wallet Connect, Trending Notes & More

Snort is a Nostr UI built with React aiming for speed and efficiency.

Snort v0.1.8: Wallet Connect, Trending Notes & More


  • Tamil Language support
  • Quoted notes are rendered embedded
  • Multi-account support for subscribers
  • Zapper key loading processing in background to speed up profile loading
  • Export keys page added to settings
  • NIP-94 support for rendering quoted file metadata events
  • Interactions cache (zaps/likes/reports) for better UX
  • Full screen image/video previews in modal
  • Re-broadcast own events dialog
  • Nostr wallet connect support
  • Cashu token parsing preview with redeem link
  • Trending notes/people tabs added to search page


  • Profile page loads only 200 latest notes, improving profile load times for accounts with less activity.
  • New user flow has been tweaked to be shorter with NIP5 & Twitter import steps removed.


  • Thread navigation without page reload.
  • NIP-42 functionality restored.
  • a tagged kind 1 replies render properly under root event.

Full Changelog: v0.1.7...v0.1.8

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