Nunchuk Byzantine: Collaborative Custody Platform-as-a-Service

Nunchuck has introduced Byzantine, a new collaborative custody platform tailored for Bitcoin advisors.

Nunchuk Byzantine: Collaborative Custody Platform-as-a-Service
  • "Introducing Byzantine: the collaborative custody platform designed exclusively for Bitcoin advisors."
  • "With Byzantine, you and your clients can effortlessly create multi-user multisig wallets. Clients retain full control of their bitcoins, while you hold a backup key. It's security and peace of mind rolled into one."
"The basic idea is that anyone with key management expertise can now start a collaborative custody business for your community/network. Nunchuk provides you with the multisig infrastructure, collaboration/advisory tools, technical manuals, etc. And you take care of the customer service, onboarding, and managing backup keys on behalf of the end users," Nunchuk's founder @hugohanoi explained on
  • "Byzantine offers advanced tools for collaboration, wallet and key management, advisory tools, and long-term inheritance planning."
  • "Byzantine uses cold storage for keys only and supports a variety of hardware signing devices, such as Coldcard, Tapsigner, Jade, Ledger and Trezor. Our software is written natively to minimize the attack surface and is available on both desktop and mobile."
  • "Privacy is paramount. Just like our other services, we ask for only one thing: an email address. Your clients' personal information stays private."
  • "Early Access: We're offering exclusive Early Access to Byzantine for a select number of advisors. If you're ready to leave a mark with Bitcoin, let's talk! Use the following link to submit your application:"

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