Current App v0.1.3: Nostr + Bitcoin + AI

"The Current App's latest release integrates generative AI tools, allowing users to create unique art from text."

Current App v0.1.3: Nostr + Bitcoin + AI
  • "Alongside the AI feature, the redesigned home feed offers enhanced content space, threads have improved comment interactivity, and images are displayed prominently."
  • "Additionally, the Image Generation DVM feature lets users produce and share AI-generated images on their home feed."

What's new

  • Threads: "Comments finally get the implementation they deserve. The context of a comment can be displayed by dragging it downwards."
  • Homefeed: "Redesigned homefeed provides more space for content."
  • Images: "Posts with images are now displayed in maximum size on the homefeed. In addition, you can now zoom in and out, as well as easily save images."
  • Image Generation DVM: "You can now generate images using AI DVMs on nostr and instantly share them on your home feed. You can remix other images you find on nostr too. Beware, here be dragons; this is an alpha feature."

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