Ditto v0.1.0-alpha: Soapbox on Nostr

Ditto is a tiny but powerful social media server for the decentralized web. With Ditto you will be able to interact across protocols and networks, and build your own social media experience.

Ditto v0.1.0-alpha: Soapbox on Nostr
  • "I am pleased to announce that I have tagged a Ditto alpha1 release and deployed it to https://gleasonator.dev," Alex Gleason wrote on Nostr.
  • "This is just the beginning. alpha1 is just BARELY usable. But I want to get the ball rolling. Things are going to change a lot in both Soapbox and Ditto. These things take time, but we will win. Thank you all for your patience, enthusiasm, and support!"


  • It's Soapbox on Nostr.
  • Ditto pretends to be a Mastodon server while using the Nostr protocol.
  • You can use Mastodon apps other than Soapbox (but you need to obtain a Nostr private key first).
  • ActivityPub is not supported yet, but it will be. It's part of what makes Ditto, Ditto.
  • Ditto is about building communities on Nostr, similar to ActivityPub.
  • Nostr uses private keys. There is still a lot of work to do in Soapbox to improve this experience.
  • This is not optimized. Please excuse any slowness or glitches. If something isn't working, try refreshing the page. I will improve this.
  • It's still a demo. This is just for poking around, so don't get too attached.

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