Nostr.Kiwi Updates: Community's Articles, Chat, Zaps & More is a progressive web app to share notes and curate content in communities.

Nostr.Kiwi Updates: Community's Articles, Chat, Zaps & More

What's new

  • Browse by communities and user groups.
  • Progressive web app, just add to home screen and get started.
  • Communities feed, communities long form, and communities chats.
  • 3 modes of sign in - nsecbunker, browser extension, your nsec.
  • Zaps - one tap zap on all devices, customize your list of zap amounts in settings.
  • Zaps with NWC and Alby NWC.
  • Zaps with wallet (browser and mobile).
  • Spam filters.
  • Create user groups and browse feed by user groups.
  • Search - users, communities and tags.
  • List of a list of hashtags: "instead of browsing feed by a single tag, you can group a set of tags. That means you can group #meme, #memes, and #funny and browse in your feed. For me, I grouped #nostreport and #ndk together so I don’t miss any updates."

Coming soon

  • Simple client-side recommendation engine - might be taxing on the device, we shall see.
  • Notifications.
  • DMs.

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