Frostsnap: Easy & Personalized Multisig with FROST

"Frostsnap is a vision that is first being distilled into user-friendly Frostsnap signing devices, and development is well underway," announced the project's team.

Frostsnap: Easy & Personalized Multisig with FROST
  • "FROST: Flexible Round-Optimized Schnorr Threshold (Komlo and Goldberg 2020) Signatures are at the frontier of multisignature cryptography. We are building out FROST and related research to bring the next generation of bitcoin custody tech."
  • "With FROST, parties each have their own secret key share, but together they control a single public key."
  • "The technology we are building with not only brings a fresh ground-up perspective for the self-custody experience, but also brings a huge number of other benefits."
  • "With FROST you can add or remove signers after key generation while keeping the key the same."
  • "A group signing under FROST produces a single signature, making the transactions indistinguishable from other taproot transactions on the blockchain."
"Crucially, with FROST you don't have to worry about storing additional metadata about your wallet. You only need a threshold number of devices (or their backups), nothing more."
  • "A FROST wallet will pay the same fees as single signature wallets. No matter the number of devices or the threshold of your key, the transaction fees will be the same."
  • Frostsnap envisions:

    - Simpler multisig experiences;
    - Greater onchain privacy;
    - Lower multisig transaction fees;
    - Multisig adjustability;
    - Add or remove signers;
    - Nostr multisig;
    - World's first social media multisigs;
    - And other breakthroughs to share in coming months.
  • "We've been iterating on our multisignature FROST implementation for a year+, and are now working on device firmware as well as coordinator wallet software."
  • "Frostsnap devices seamlessly connect together in a daisy-chain. An easy way to create a Bitcoin wallet protected behind multiple devices (e.g. a 3-of-5)."
  • "After key generation, you can geographically separate your Frostsnap devices or share them amongst individuals you trust."
  • "Frostsnap uses our experimental FROST implementation from secp256kfun."
  • "Our code is free open source software under the MIT license."

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