Swarmstr: Nostr Knowledge Hub for Curious Minds

"Swarmstr is a simple question-and-answer web-client, built on top of nostr, designed to empower users with knowledge and foster a vibrant community of learning."

Swarmstr: Nostr Knowledge Hub for Curious Minds
  • "Got a question? Simply post it on Swarmstr (or any other client but make sure you use #asknostr hashtag) and tap into the collective wisdom of Nostr Plebs. Not only can you ask questions, but you can also explore a treasure trove of already-answered queries, saving you time and effort."
  • "Swarmstr thrives on the expertise of our knowledgeable users. We encourage subject matter experts to contribute their insights by answering questions related to their fields of expertise. As a reward for their valuable contributions, users can earn zaps and gain recognition in their areas of expertise."
  • "Existing questions, which were asked outside Swarmstr and which do not have the proper hashtag associated with them, can be included in the search results from any client, when quoted with #asknostr."
  • "This is an early version so do expect some 🐛."
  • "Feedback/suggestions much appreciated!"

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