Nostr Development Kit(s): Build Nostr-Related Applications

At least a couple of Nostr Development Kits (NDKs) have emerged so far to aid early Nostr builders.

Nostr Development Kit(s): Build Nostr-Related Applications

Nostr Development Kit (NDK) with gossip-style behavior by Pablof7z

  • "NDK is a Nostr development kit that makes the experience of building Nostr-related applications, whether they are relays, clients, or anything in between, better, more reliable and overall nicer to work with than existing solutions."
  • "Besides improving the developer experience, the core goal of NDK is to improve the decentralization of Nostr via intelligent conventions and data discovery features without depending on any one central point of coordination (such as large relays or centralized search providers)."

Website (ndk.fiy)
GitHub Repo

Nostr Dev Kit (

  • "Nostr Development Kit (NDK) is a library that allows you to seamlessly build cross-platform Nostr applications without worrying about the internals."
  • "NDK is based on the powerful rust-nostr libraries."
  • "Learn the simplest way to integrate Nostr features into any application at"
  • The project includes informative, step-by-step tutorials for beginners seeking to learn how to build applications within the Nostr protocol.

Website (
GitHub Repo