Nodeyez v23.07 Released

Nodeyez is a Bitcoin node visualization tool that produces panels and images which can be displayed on external outputs. Scripts can be run on their own, or run continuously in the background as a service on system startup.

Nodeyez v23.07 Released

What's new

New Panels and Ehancements

  • Blockstats panels for feerates now reports the low value in addition to high and avg
  • Difficulty Epoch panel now shows key block height labels and dithered outline for unexpected non-mined
  • Nostr.Band Stats panel graphs the Active Pubkeys, Badge Definitions and Zaps per Day seen over the previous 2 months


  • Removed Twitter references
  • Added maze.html serverless sample (
  • Reverted Python dependency to support 3.7
  • Installation now gives guidance on setting up UFW and fail2ban instead of assuming it was present. UFW is called upon to enable the website dashboard port for local network access
  • Mitigating partial RaspiBolt setup (Bitcoin installed, but not NGINX)
  • Updates to resolve deprecated and removed functions in Pillow


  • Fixed Bitcoin CLI handling of getblockhash
  • Fixed halving if block retrieval failed
  • Fixed install script failure
  • Fixed some documentation images and links

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