Imp Chat Mobile App To Bring Private Group Messaging to Nostr

Interested individuals can already sign up to request early access to Imp Chat by Impervious.

Imp Chat Mobile App To Bring Private Group Messaging to Nostr
  • "Imp Chat is a revolutionary mobile application that brings private group messaging to #nostr."
  • "Imp Chat embodies a fusion of privacy, surveillance resistance, and user control, delivering a unique messaging experience over an open, distributed network. It positions 'stealth' public keys at the heart of its design, delivering unrivaled privacy by ensuring your private communications remain untraceable and unassociated to your public identity - all while retaining the ability to receive and post notes with your publicly associated identity."
  • "The application harnesses cutting-edge techniques, including group message identity decoupling and variable message padding, along with end-to-end encryption. This combination shields your individual and group chats from external scrutiny, adding a robust layer of privacy to the open nostr network."
  • "Advanced features, including disappearing messages, enable you to determine the lifespan and future retrievability of your messages."
"Although the message is public, it is securely encrypted using User B’s public key. This ensures that only User B, who holds the corresponding private key, can decrypt the message. For the highest level of security, we employ Authenticated Encryption/Authenticated Decryption (AEAD) via Poly1305/Salsa/Chacha encryption algorithms."
  • "Subsequently, all group members will start listening for any events published using this shared key pair by subscribing to the public key. They will then have the ability to encrypt their individual nostr messages using the group's shared key pair, securing their communications within the group. "
  • "Request early access to Imp Chat on Test Flight in the following link (or retweet this). Invitations will be sent this summer prior to public release on iOS and Android:"