MyCitadel v1.5: UI Improvements, Fixes & More

MyCitadel is a Bitcoin, Lightning and RGB wallet. Desktop version is available for Linux, Windows & MacOS. Made with GTK+.

MyCitadel v1.5: UI Improvements, Fixes & More
  • MyCitadel v 1.5 (codename "Blazing Venus") has been released.

What's new

  • Reworked wallet main screen: better fonts, colors, transaction labels and handy mnemonics, new simper dashboard with Bitcoin and Sats symbols.
  • Update HWI to 2.3.1.
  • Fix connectivity with BitBox02 on v4.39 firmware.
  • Fix Nix Flake build.
  • Multiple bugfixes.

Release notes

UI improvements

  • Simplify wallet balance reporting (dashboard);
  • Add custom labels for the operation history;
  • Supply historical operations with easy-to-read mnemonics (when an explicit label is not given);
  • Introduce Bitcoin and satoshi symbols;
  • Improved fonts and colors for the transaction, coins and address lists;
wallet-addresses-1 5
  • Simplify descriptor export screen in settings window;
settings-descriptor-1 5
  • Add menu command for opening PSBT from the wallet screen.

Hardware wallets

  • Update HWI to 2.3.1;
  • Fix connectivity with BitBox02 running v4.39 firmware.


  • Remove GTK warnings;
  • Fix Electrum server connectivity test;
  • Fixed overflow in payment composer happening when the wallet lacks funds for paying fees;
  • Fixed invalid error about absent beneficiary;
  • Display mempool transactions in the top of the history;
  • Fix invalid fee computing in some scenarios;
  • Fix Nix Flake build by @fczuardi.

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v1.4.0...v1.5.0

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