Cashu LNURL: LN Address Payments via Cashu & Nostr

Cashu LNURL is a service that allows users to sign up for an ln address via nostr. Sats paid to this address are minted as cashu tokens of the users preferred mint and direct messaged to them via nostr.

Cashu LNURL: LN Address Payments via Cashu & Nostr
  • "When zaps are enabled (proxy = true) this service uses the configured CLN rpc to create an invoice, that is returned to the when a request is made to the lighting address."
  • "Once this invoice is paid this service then requests a mint, mints a cashu token and sends a nostr direct message to the preconfigured pubkey."
  • "To enable zap notes to be published some extra configuration is needed as well as a CLN node. This is because a valid zap request requires the invoice description to be a zap_request. In order to provide best privacy mints to no allow descriptions to be set."

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