GPUtopia: Sell GPU Capacity for Sats

GPUtopia is building the open GPU mesh network.

GPUtopia: Sell GPU Capacity for Sats
  • "We launched the beta version of our GPU seller experience. It enables anyone to sell their GPU compute for bitcoin using nothing but their web browser."
  • "Later this month we'll launch the buyer experience, enabling anyone to easily purchase that compute for a variety of AI/ML workloads."
  • "Over the coming weeks and months, we will rapidly add support for more devices and more workloads. We'll prioritize new features according to the feedback of our active users, so please get involved and tell us what you'd love to see."
  • Though it is still early days for the project, user @south_korea_ln reported the following results using his Intel UHD Graphics 630 (MacBook Pro):

How it works

  • "GPUtopia uses a portion of your computer's GPU via WebGPU , a new web standard that was recently added to newer versions of Chrome."
  • "First your browser needs to download a language model. This is a ~4GB file that will be stored in your browser's cache. This will take a few minutes to download, then ~20 seconds to load from cache on future visits. You can see how this works in the MLC WebLLM repo."
"Once you've got the model loaded, our system marks you available to receive inference jobs. Currently we send a demo inference job to all connected users every 15 seconds. This job may take ~5-30 seconds to complete depending on your GPU and the size of the job."
  • "When your computer finishes the inference job, it sends that back to our server and we reward you some bitcoin directly to your Alby wallet."
  • Questions? Tweet at us @GPUtopia or email us at

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