Mutiny Releases Signet Version of Its Web Wallet

The signet version of Mutiny Wallet can also be tested with Fedi Alpha since both projects are on MutinyNet.

Mutiny Releases Signet Version of Its Web Wallet
  • "We are releasing our signet version available to everyone with a web browser! Try it out on mobile or desktop:"
  • "It's slammed packed with features we've been developing all year, here's a few to try out:"

    - Non-custodial On-chain and Lightning
    - LSP support with Voltage
    - Receive Lightning payments without needing a channel
    - Open a channel to any other node or Mutiny user
    - Tag lightning payments and UTXOs
    - Experimental Nostr Wallet Connect support
    - LNURL Pay and Auth support
    - Backup wallet data and import into another browser
  • "Be sure to check out Fedi's alpha version here to test the two together. They are on our MutinyNet signet and it's working great between the two wallets."
  • "If you need signet funds from our faucet, or you want more information about our custom signet with 30 second blocks, be sure to check out this blog post here."
  • "Let us know what you think! And be sure to sign up for the waitlist as we start rolling out the mainnet release:"