Neutronpay Launches Enterprise API, Partners with Bitnob,

Neutronpay is a Lightning Network remittance and infrastructure startup based in in Vancouver, Canada, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Neutronpay Launches Enterprise API, Partners with Bitnob,
  • "Over the last year we've been building our enterprise infrastructure API for businesses, and we're proud to announce it's now ready for the public. We want to thank our early enterprise customers who've been helping us test in North America and Asia over the past several months."
"Neutronpay aims to bring countries closer together by faster and more cost-effective global payments. If you're a business who sends global commerce payments to/from suppliers/manufacturers in Vietnam & APAC, especially from North America, we have the solution for you. With the Lightning Network we can provide any business with global settlement within seconds, and with much lower fees than traditional bank wires," said the company's CEO and co-founder Albert Buu.

In other recent news, the company also announced new partnerships with payment companies and Bitnob.

  • "Neutronpay and have united a partnership to transform the lives of Filipinos in Canada and Vietnam. By harnessing the power of the Lightning Network, these two innovative companies enable simple, efficient cross-border remittances, ensuring Filipinos can send their hard-earned money home with confidence."
  • "Neutronpay has entered into a strategic partnership with Bitnob, the African Lightning payments company. The alliance is set to transform cross-border payments by integrating the strengths of both companies, unlocking new avenues for bilateral trade between Vietnam and Africa using the Lightning Network."
  • "The collaboration aims to address the challenges faced by millions of people in Africa and beyond in their quest for fast, affordable, and secure cross-border payments."

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