Mutiny Wallet and Node Updates: Smoother and Safer Experience

Mutiny is a web-first wallet capable of running anywhere, providing instant onboarding and platform censorship resistance. Self-custodial, privacy-focused, and user-friendly.

Mutiny Wallet and Node Updates: Smoother and Safer Experience

Mutiny Wallet (Beta) updates

  • "Exciting updates from Mutiny Wallet! We've made significant improvements to ensure a smoother and safer experience. Massive thanks to everyone who provided logs and feedback!"
  • "First off, we've added 'Send Max' buttons for both on-chain sends and new channel openings, making it easier to shift all your on-chain funds without dust left behind."
"We've put in a beta warning dialog with helpful links, to educate users about using our wallet during this beta phase. Mutiny Wallet is still a bit reckless, but we're constantly working to improve the safety and security."
  • "We've reduced the wasm binary size by 7%, making our wallet more lightweight and efficient. Every bit counts!"
  • "Our experimental Nostr Wallet Connect integration just got better! Zaps now typically send out in under 10s after opening the wallet. This might even work in the background on Android."
"We've also addressed a number of BDK issues, including one that stopped the activity feed from loading. We're anxiously waiting the new BDK Core Alpha 1!"
  • "We've fixed an issue where an outdated fee rate caused forced channel closes. We also catch more browser incompatibility issues before loading the wallet. Yes, including Vanadium for the Graphene folks!"
  • "A mysterious bug that spun up multiple of the same node causing force closures? Consider it squashed! Thanks to our community for helping us find it."
"We've been listening to your feedback and are inviting more users to test our updates this week. Your input is crucial to our development. We'll get through everyone as fast as we can - thank you for your patience! We're hoping February sign ups get in this week."
  • "In the pipeline: an in-app feedback form, static channel backups, wallet recovery, authentication, and more! Keep the feedback coming, and we'll keep working on making the Mutiny Wallet the best it can be. Stay tuned!"
  • "If you aren't on the waitlist yet, what are you waiting for?! Sign up at with either your nostr npub or email address."
  • The signet version of Mutiny Wallet can also be tested with Fedi Alpha and other beta projects running on MutinyNet.

Mutiny Node updates

  • v0.3.11: Minor wallet locking fix.
  • v0.3.10: Activity improvements and bug fixes.
    - Improve on-chain activity for old channel closures and possibly fixes a bug that causes activity to stop loading.
    - Nostr Wallet Connect improvements that should allow event fetching to be more efficient and quicker.
    - Fixes force close bugs relating to an old fee rate estimate.
    - Reduce wasm binary size by ~7% to 8.3MB.
    - New fee estimations APIs for sweeps.
  • v0.3.9: Some small fixes related to needing to wait for some things to finish starting up before we can take an action.
  • v0.3.8: Fixes a few edge cases around channel closures and provides more information about them. Also rips out wasm from mutiny-core so that the logic of the node can run on any platform.
  • v0.3.7: Mostly performance and fixes around force closures.

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