umbrelOS v0.5.4: Reimagined App Store

Umbrel is a beautiful personal/home server OS for self-hosting with an app store.

umbrelOS v0.5.4: Reimagined App Store
  • "This update introduces a completely reimagined App Store, crafted to provide a sleek and intuitive experience as you discover the latest self-hosted apps for your Umbrel."
  • "The new Migration Assistant feature enables seamless transfer of data and apps from a Raspberry Pi-based Umbrel to the new Umbrel Home in one click."
  • "Complementing these enhancements are various performance improvements, bug fixes, and subtle refinements, such as the option to update your display name directly from the settings."
  • "And most importantly - you'll now see *the correct* label if your CPU temperature hits 69 degrees."


Full changelog: v0.5.3...0.5.4

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