Mutiny Wallet v0.5.8: Fedimint to Lightning Swaps

Mutiny is an open-source, non-custodial bitcoin and Lightning wallet. Available on the web, as a progressive web app (PWA) and Android.

Mutiny Wallet v0.5.8: Fedimint to Lightning Swaps
  • "Mutiny version 0.5.8 going out now. This includes additional fedimint features and fixes, including a "Swap to LN" feature that moves your federation esats to a self-custodial LN channel," announced the project.
"There have been some breaking changes to fedimint integrations over the last few releases. It's recommended that you remove the previous federation if you're having issues sending and add a DIFFERENT federation for testing. Do not add the same one back."
  • "Thank you all for testing, there should be less of these breaking changes now that we're improving these bugs."

What's new (Mutiny node)

  • Sweeping from fedimint balance to self-custodial lightning
  • Bug fixes around labels
  • Optimization around syncing LDK

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