Minibits v0.1.7-beta: Multiple Currency Units, Improved UX & Navigation

Minibits is a mobile e-cash wallet with a focus on performance and usability. Available on Android.

Minibits v0.1.7-beta: Multiple Currency Units, Improved UX & Navigation
  • "New native release of Minibits wallet is out! Minibits now supports multiple currency units issued by mints. With this change, wallet adapted heavily its UX and navigation," announced the project.
  • "Wallet is now organized by currency units, not by mints. Last visited unit screen is remembered and shown on next start. This makes wallet ready for upcoming multi-mint payments, where a payment amount could be funded by more then a single mint."
"Transaction screens now show related mint in header, with whole UI improved along the way. Your Lightning address is now one tap away from Wallet screen. Transactions moved to their own button tab."
  • "Last but not least, you can grab your own custom Minibits Wallet address instead of random one for a small donation. You'll receive zaps or any Lightning payments as well as Ecash encrypted, over Nostr network. Grab one, put it on your Nostr profile and let the sats flow!"
"Fair to say, there are losses as well - this version had to drop support to connect to the mints using Tor daemon. Tor library for react native is not maintained and could not be incorporated into the build. If anybody could take this, we'll put it back."

What's new

  • Wallet paged screen is now organized by units, not by mints. Last visited unit is remembered and shown on next start.
  • Lighnting (topup and transfer) transactions are initiated in selected mint context (you can still change your mind and select another mint before submitting transaction).
  • Send and Receive bottom buttons now handle Ecash transactions (could be further adapted based on feedback).
  • Mint balances colors are now not random but aligned to currency units.
  • Selected mint, unit and balance is shown in header when making a new transaction.
  • Lightning and ecash transactions have been redesigned.
  • UI of completed transactions screens were redesigned and aligned.
  • Donation UX has been improved (and donation for custom lightning address increased to whooping 500 sats).
  • Mint information kept by the wallet can be now refreshed, e.g. in case the mint lists new currency.
  • Nostr relays can be re-subscribed to using new button on Relays screen header.
  • Transactions moved to own bottom tab.
  • Wallet profile and address is accessible from wallet screen and address can be copied.
  • In-progress preparation for full support of i18n translations.
  • Overall upgrade of used libraries and React Native version.
  • Wallet now fully uses v1 Cashu API specification when talking to the mints.

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