Damus v1.8: New Video Player & Emoji Selector

Damus is a nostr client for Apple devices.

Damus v1.8: New Video Player & Emoji Selector
  • Damus v1.8 delivers new emoji selector, better video player, qoute reposts, and multiple other improvements.
"v1.9 dev is underway, with an up and coming highlighter feature where you can clip highlights from the web and other posts and share them to your feed. If you want to test out the latest up and coming features, make sure to grab a damus purple membership to get access!"

What's new

  • New Emoji Selector. "It's now easier than ever to select emoji reactions! Just long press the reaction button to pop-up the new emoji selector. Thanks Terry for implementing this!"
  • Quote Reposts. "Quote reposts are now listed on posts, just like on the birdsite (x site ?)."
  • New full screen video player. "Our video controls were pretty bad before, this has been improved in this version! You can now seek videos, view them full screen, and airplay them to your tv. Thanks Daniel for this feature!"
  • Improved longform style. "Longform posts now show the image and related tags. Thanks Eric!"
  • Account recovery, bug fixes. "Thread loading is greatly improved, we now support the latest nip10 specification for improved compatibility between clients. We also added an account recovery feature called First Aid. You can use this to create a new contact list if for whatever reason you don't have one anymore. If you are running into issues following people, you can use this to recover your account."

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