Fountain v1.0.6: Background Audio Downloads

Fountain is a Lightning-powered value-for-value podcasting app and community where listeners and podcasters get rewarded for the value they provide for others. Available on iOS and Android.

Fountain v1.0.6: Background Audio Downloads
  • "In Fountain 1.0.6 we made some major improvements to our downloads manager. Episodes will now download in the background on your device - even if your connection drops out."
  • "You are also welcome to join Fountain Beta on Telegram to get help us test new features before they get released - all iOS and Android users welcome."

What's new

  • Fountain will automatically download new episodes from shows you follow if you have a Wi-Fi connection. You can manage your auto download settings in Library Settings.
  • Items will continue downloading when the app is in the background but the download may take a little longer to process.
  • When listening to podcasts offline, you are not able earn from rewards or promotions.
  • Fountain will not automatically delete downloaded episodes from your device. You can change your auto-delete settings so that downloaded episodes get deleted once played, after 7 days or after 30 days.
    • You can delete audio downloads individually, or delete all audio downloads from the page menu in your Library.
  • Fixed music track search.
  • Fixed boost music track from player.
  • Fixed occasional Android playback issue on airplane mode.
  • Fixed occasional Android play button being unresponsive.
  • Fixed occasional Android Auto app state syncing.

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