Libfloresta: Lightweight Bitcoin Full Node Library

Libfloresta provides a series of tools for Bitcoin wallet and application developers, to integrate resource efficient Bitcoin full node functionality into their applications.

Libfloresta: Lightweight Bitcoin Full Node Library
  • "Libfloresta is a library that provides a set of tools that can be used to interact with the Bitcoin network in a lightweight and simple way."
  • "This is a derivate of a project I’ve been developing for a few months, called `Floresta` (Portuguese for forest)."
  • "After some feedbacks and thoughts, I’ve decided to turn it into a series of reusable libs that can be used in other applications in a straightforward way."
  • "The main goal here is low-power devices, like SBC and smartphones, but can be used in any environment. To achieve that, I’m writing the main logic in Rust and will generate bindings to the original code and compiling to WASM, allowing it to run virtually anywhere."
"With Libfloresta, developers can easily integrate Bitcoin full node functionality into their applications, without having to worry about the complexities of running a full node. So any application can give its users full sovereignty over their funds, without having to maintain a separate (and probably overly complicated) server."
  • "Libfloresta can be used to build a wide variety of applications. Some examples are:

    - A mobile wallet that connects to the Bitcoin network directly, without having to trust a third-party server;
    - A hardware wallet that is aware of what it is signing, without having to trust the host device;
    - A Bitcoin full node that can be run on an older Raspberry Pi, without having to worry about storage and processing power;
    - A Web wallet that also runs a full node, even without the user noticing it;
    - And many more!"
  • "Libfloresta is not a drop-in replacement for Bitcoin Core. It is not meant to be used as a backend for a Bitcoin exchange, for example. It is also not meant to be used as a backend for a Bitcoin wallet that is not fully non-custodial."
  • "Mining with application relying on libfloresta is not advised. Although we try to keep the consensus rules, there may be subtleties that we are not aware of."
  • "The project is in an early stage, but I’m using it on signet for a while now with no problems. Mainnet support is almost ready, but we need to solve some performance issues with bridge nodes and set some up, so you can have utreexo peers."
  • "I’m also making an extra effort into cross-test against Bitcoin Core to find any inconsistencies before it causes any trouble."

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