Ronin UI v2.2.0: New Features & Improvements

Ronin UI is an easy to use user interface for privacy-focused, free and open-source RoninDojo Bitcoin node.

Ronin UI v2.2.0: New Features & Improvements
  • "Hey guys, it's been a long time but it's finally here. Time for a new UI release for @RoninDojoNode , finally bringing some long-awaited features."
  • "This release is bringing us closer to our main goal - users not relying on SSH and CLI."
  • "In the near future we will be bringing you even better Whirlpool view & controls, better pairing experience and some tools! And maybe even some dashboard changes."
  • "PS: if everything goes well, our new shorter release cycle will make these changes available faster than every six or so months."

What's new

  • "Want to enable of disable Bisq connection to your node? Go ahead."
  • "Want to install or uninstall Mempool Space? Want to switch from Electrs to more performant Fulcrum? Go ahead, it's now possible from within the UI."
  • "Tired of having to open your Whirlpool Desktop GUI after every Dojo restart to initiate mixing again? No worries. You can now login and logout of your Whirlpool CLI directly in the RoninDojo web UI."
  • "Apart from that, there are some bugfixes and small changes."


  • better Whirlpool CLI status, ability to log-in/out of Whirlpool CLI
  • ability to (un)install Mempool Space Visualizer
  • ability to switch between indexers (addrindexrs, electrs, fulcrum)
  • ability to enable/disable Bisq connection
  • every log section now has it's own URL


  • only allow alphanumeric characters in password
  • fixed logs textarea scrolling behavior


  • changed logo
  • fixed spelling mistakes, changed descriptions
  • display RoninDojo version in footer
  • removed Donate page
  • updated dependencies
  • better performance due to dead code elimination on build

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