Primal Android v0.13.2, iOS v0.24.3 Released

Primal is an open-source nostr client focused on user experience and seamless UI. Available on Android, iOS and the web.

Primal Android v0.13.2, iOS v0.24.3 Released
  • "The Fed keeps on printing while Primal keeps on building."
  • "Check out the iOS and Android updates we released this week. Much more to come, stay tuned!"

What's new - Android


  • Hashtags and user handles are now clickable
  • Referenced notes are displayed correctly and clickable
  • Notes with multiple images are rendered with a gallery horizontal pager
  • Added “see more...” for long posts in the feed

Note Editor

  • User mentions are now possible with nostr:npub strings
  • Quoting notes is now possible with nostr:note strings

Thread & Replies

  • Thread replies are sorted correctly (descending by timestamp)
  • Reply note now clears the text after successful reply publishing
  • Thread screen now renders posts in full length


  • Fixed the crash when opening unavailable post on thread screen
  • Improvements when processing feed responses

What's new - iOS

New Features

  • Edit profile screen
  • Feed rendering improvements
  • Deep linking to notes and profiles
  • Mute/unmute user context menu


  • Profile: fixed the follow/unfollow button style
  • When a new account is created, sometimes the recommended follow list is not applied

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