COLDCARD Mk4 v5.3.0 and Q v1.2.0Q: Shared Codebase

COLDCARD Mk4 firmware v5.3.0 and Q firmware v1.2.0Q have been released.

COLDCARD Mk4 v5.3.0 and Q v1.2.0Q: Shared Codebase
  • "Big release for COLDCARD Mk4 & Q. Now both share the same codebase," announced COLDCARD.

What's new (Q & Mk4 shared)

  • Add Nunchuk and Zeus options to Export Wallet.
  • View Identity shows temporary seed active at the top.
  • Can specify start index for address explorer export and browsing.
  • Allow unlimited index for BIP-85 derivations. Must be enabled first in Danger Zone.
  • Passphrase menu item is no longer offered if BIP39 passphrase already in use. Use Restore Master with ability to keep or purge current passphrase wallet settings.
  • Removed ability to add passphrase to master seed if active temporary seed.
  • Wipe LFS during Lock Down Seed and Destroy Seed.
  • Do not allow non-ascii or ascii non-printable characters in multisig wallet name.
  • Brick Me option for If Wrong PIN caused yikes.
  • Properly handle and finalize framing error response in USB protocol.
  • Handle ZeroSecretException for BIP39 passphrase calculation when on temporary seed without master secret.
  • Saving passphrase on SD Card caused a freeze that required reboot.
  • Properly verify signed armored message with regtest address.
  • Create ownership file when generating addresses export CSV.
  • Recovery SD Card image building moved into its own repo: github com/Coldcard/recovery-images.

What's new (Mk4 specific)

  • When providing 12 or 18 word seed phrase, valid final word choices are presented in a new menu.
  • Move dice rolls (for generating master seed) to Advanced submenu.
  • Using "Verify Address" in NFC Tools menu, allows entry of a payment address and reports if it is part of a wallet this Coldcard knows the key for. Includes Multisig and single sig wallets.searches up to the first 1528 addresses (external and change addresses) stores data as it goes to accelerate future uses worst case, it can take up to 2 minutes to rule out an address, but after that it is fast!
  • Constant AFC_BECH32M incorrectly set AFC_WRAPPED and AFC_BECH32.
  • Fix inability to activate Duress Wallet as temporary seed when master seed is 12 words.
  • Yikes when using BIP39 passphrase with temporary seed without master seed set.
  • v1 and v2 QRs too small and not readable (fixed).
  • Bugfix: Show indexes for full range of addresses we are able to generate during QR display.
  • Force default HW settings (USB,NFC,VDisk OFF) after clone/backup is restored.
  • Cleanup in NFC code: repeated messages, "Unable to find data expectd in NDEF", removed.
  • Bootrom version bump: 3.2.0 released with no functional changes except those shared with Q.

What's new (Q specific)

  • Allow export of multisig XPUBs via BBQr.
  • Import multisig via QR/BBQr - both legacy COLDCARD export and descriptors supported.
  • UI Status bar text is sharper now.
  • Added ability to write signed PSBT/txn to lower (B) SD slot when both cards inserted.
  • Fullscreen display of v23 and v24 QRs were too dense and hard to read.
  • Battery idle timeout also considers last progress bar update.
  • Allow Send Password (keystrokes) of capital letters of alphabet.
  • Pressing SYM+SHIFT was toggling CAPS continuously. Now toggles once only.
  • Restrict keys that can be pressed during seed entry after final word inserted.

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