Liquid Swaps by Boltz: Lightning-Liquid Atomic Swaps

Liquid Swaps can aid your Lightning node operations by rebalancing your channels for low fees in a sustained high-fee market.

Liquid Swaps by Boltz: Lightning-Liquid Atomic Swaps
  • "Shifting rebalancing chain footprint to the Liquid Network, one of Bitcoin’s longest-running sidechains, not only makes sense economically, but it also makes Lightning more reliable and independent from Bitcoin’s mempool."
  • "These are actual atomic swaps! This means no trust in Boltz is required as we never have custody over your funds, not even for a split-second. It is deeply-rooted in Boltz’s DNA to build the best possible UX non-custodial products."
  • "Talking UX. The current swap box interface can merely serve as a proof of concept for rebalancing channels. What we are considering adding next is a “Liquidity” tab that provides an optimized UI to obtain a certain inbound/outbound liquidity or an entire channel with a configurable amount of inbound liquidity."

Next up

  • "We’ll continue to improve UX for rebalancing and bring our new web app live on"
  • "Depending on feedback, we’ll prioritize a dedicated “Liquidity” tab in our WebApp or a solution for automated/unattended rebalancing."
  • "We’re working on moving to Taproot native swaps for enhanced privacy and significantly reducing on-chain footprint of swaps, especially important for mainchain swaps."
  • "Taproot-based L-BTC/BTC chain to chain swaps."

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