How To Run Your Own Bitcoin Mining Pool

"My vision for this is that many people can “Uncle Jim” this and allow their friends, family, and community to allow anyone with a small miner like a BitAxe, NerdMiner, or S9 to mine easily," announced Seth For Privacy.

How To Run Your Own Bitcoin Mining Pool
  • "In this guide I will lay out the detailed steps for how you can get started running your own Bitcoin mining pool. While it can seem incredibly daunting to do something like this, thanks to the work of the fantastic creator of public-poolBenjamin Wilson, it’s easier than ever today."
  • "I’ve taken the time to help “Dockerize” the public-pool code to allow you to run it without needing to compile from source. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty details of compilation and go that route, please take a look at the official repo for more info."
"Want to see a pool that's hosted using these exact steps? I've spun up a pool with zero fees that you can use to test new miners, play with solo mining, or simply point your miners like @skot9000's BitAxe or @BitMaker_'s NerdMiner:"
  • "This is purely solo mining for now which is a perfect fit for these small miners, as they won’t ever be profitable with standard pool mining, but can act as Bitcoin “lottery tickets” that help defend the Bitcoin network from censorship and pool centralization," said Seth For Privacy on X.

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