Bitcoin Design Foundation: Funding For Open-Source Bitcoin Design Work

"We are happy to announce the Bitcoin Design Foundation. It is a non-profit that supports the mission of the Bitcoin Design Community to “Design bitcoin for everyone”, by organizing funding for open design and research in the bitcoin ecosystem."

Bitcoin Design Foundation: Funding For Open-Source Bitcoin Design Work
  • "The foundation's primary focus is to support motivated individuals with grants that empower them to contribute to open source Bitcoin design, user research, and related areas. Additionally, the foundation will extend its support to community projects by covering ongoing or one-off costs, including domain fees, events, and educational materials," writes Bitcoin Magazine.
  • "The foundation has been set up by Christoph Ono, Mogashni Naidoo and Daniel Nordh. All three are core contributors, maintainers and organizers of the Bitcoin Design Community’s projects and activities."
"Donations are primarily used for grants for individuals and projects that will have a strong positive impact on the user experience of bitcoin. We may also create targeted bounties to incentivize specific work on areas of improvement that otherwise get little attention. A small part of the donations will go to supporting community and ecosystem events around promoting design awareness and collaboration, such as hackathons (see the 2022 Designathon) and conference representation (see BTC Prague 2023 participation)."
  • "If you are interested in receiving funding, reach out. You can get the basic information you need in our grants page. We know that open-source funding can be a mystery to designers, and we’re happy to shed light on things."
  • "For future updates, subscribe to the foundation newsletter, the Bitcoin Design newsletter, and join the #foundation channel in the Bitcoin Design Discord."

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