Peach Bitcoin v0.3.0: Open Source Code, Full Wallet Functionality, GroupHug & Global South Expansion

Peach Bitcoin is a KYC-free peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace available on Android and iOS.

Peach Bitcoin v0.3.0: Open Source Code, Full Wallet Functionality, GroupHug & Global South Expansion
  • "Peach 0.3 marks a first year anniversary of hard work and perseverance. The team behind the product is proud of what has been accomplished. Lots to improve, lots to create and lots to conquer. Our pipeline is packed and our creative capabilities are endless."
  • "Peach next challenge is distribution and liquidity. We are welcoming your feedback, ideas, collaboration. Join our telegram, discord, GitHub or just email us!"
  • "Peach the company is still unbanked, getting revenue in BTC, keeping its reserve in BTC, paying its  collaborateurs in BTC."
  • "Use the ref code OPENSOURCE to create an account and get one free buy trade + sats back when selling!"

What's new

  • Open source code. "Peach app source code is now verifiable! Go check it out on our GitHub. Tech built on the top of the app like batching transactions in and out of the multisig escrow, Peach-API wrapper or future Nostr integration are made FOSS."
  • "Full wallet functionality with UTXO management (coin control) made EASY! Peach on the cake: an address checker and the possibility to label your addresses for better usage!"
  • Peach-API is now public. "We have prepared you a full documentation here and prepared an API-Wrapper written in TypeScript."
  • GroupHug. "Batching transactions to fund the escrow! Create up to 10 sell offers by only funding the escrow once! Selling sats to arbitrage or live on a Bitcoin Standard has never been easier and faster!"
    - "Batching transactions out of the escrow! Batch your release transaction out of the escrow with other peers to ***save up to 23% on fees!***"
  • Global South Expansion. "We are expanding peach-to-peach bitcoin trading to: Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Côte d’Ivoire, Congo DRC, Nigeria. Thanks to @GloireKW for being our local peach on the ground!"

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