Fedi Launched First Ever Pop-Up Federation For BTC Prague Event

Users who join the Prague Pop-Up Federation can use it to receive live updates from the conference, chat securely with other participants, send and receive sats to and from other attendees of Bitcoin Prague Conference and much more.

Fedi Launched First Ever Pop-Up Federation For BTC Prague Event
  • "We are proud to announce Fedi is joining forces with the Bitcoin Prague Conference to launch the first ever Pop-Up Federation on the OS."
  • "Download the app using the QR code available throughout the venue or below & go to http://fedi.xyz/btcprague to join the pop-up event federation."
  • "Purpose-built for conference participants and set to run only for its duration, the Prague Pop-Up Federation will roll out new features for invitees, like the ability to broadcast messages on chat, use sats, and access Sites sessions with information about the event."

Multiple conference attendees took to social media to share their experiences with the app.

“Prague Pop-Up Federation is not just about showing you all the cool things Fedi can do. It’s about turning BTC Prague into a proving ground, and all of the attendees into the test pilots of Fedi Alpha,” said  Fedi co-founder and CEO Obi Nwosu.
  • "Users also get a sneak preview of what Fedi hopes to build: the world’s first truly federated operating system, that lets people and communities take back control of their money, their data, and their digital lives away from centralised, legacy alternatives," was stated in a blog post.
  • The code and app download is available at the project's GitHub repository.
  • BTC Prague event is taking place on June 8-10, 2023, in Prague, Czech Republic. The event has no public livestream but talks will be uploaded online after the conference.

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