Gossip v0.8.0: Zaps, DMs, New Relay UX & More

Gossip is a desktop client for Nostr.

Gossip v0.8.0: Zaps, DMs, New Relay UX & More

What's new

Big Changes

  • Lightning Zaps have been implemented
  • Direct Messages have been implemented
  • Petname support (including in ContactList events) has been implemented
  • Relay pages and UX have been completely redone
  • Storage engine changed from SQLite to LMDB
  • Fixed numerous caching related bugs (stale data, invalidation issues)
  • Events that seemed to go missing are no longer missing
  • HTTP fetching rework
  • Verifies older cached files haven't changed, else it downloads the changed file (etag)
  • Handles many kinds of error conditions more sanely
  • Not overloading HTTP servers by limiting the number of parallel fetches

Medium Changes

  • Status messages are in a queue, allowing you to see the last 3
  • Metadata re-fetched periodically
  • Events that augment others are loaded only when the event they augment is in view
  • Settings rework with many more settings
  • Command mode: pass a command as a parameter to run commands. Try 'help' to get started.

Minor Changes worth mentioning

  • Performance analyses inspired multiple changes for better performance.
  • Note rendering more dynamic (some changes were previously not immediately visible)
  • Improvements with links to other nostr objects:
  • Fixes around proper rendering
  • Support for nrelay1, naddr1, 'a' tags
  • Automatically fetching the referenced objects
  • Thread searching now includes author's relays
  • Better shutdown sequence, more likely to shutdown fairly quickly now
  • Status info in left panel (optional)
  • Better relay ranking
  • Keyboard scrolling (PgUp, PgDn)
  • Spam filtering with Rhai script file (optional)

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