Geyser v0.6.7: New Reward Features

Geyser is a bitcoin and nostr native crowdfunding platform where you can fund project ideas with the support from global communities.

Geyser v0.6.7: New Reward Features
  • "New reward features are live! You can now power up your Rewards with Limited Editions, denominations in sats, and reward management," announced Geyser.
  • " To celebrate this update, we have added a new reward; you bet, it's a limited edition! Check it out here."
  • The project also said that final additions to Rewards coming up next are going to include estimated delivery dates and different reward types.

What's new

  • Exclusive rewards. "Offer exclusive, limited-edition products and rewards that are so enticing, your contributors won't want to miss out."
  • Manage orders with ease. "Save time by keeping track of your Reward sales and managing Pending Payments directly from the Contribute dashboard."
  • Double denomination: sats/USD. "Price your rewards in sats or USD. Your project, your choice."
  • Seamless reward flow. "We’ve put rewards more front and center of your project’s UI, which will make buying rewards much easier for contributors."

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