Fully Noded - Bitcoin Core v1.0.0 Released

Fully Noded - Bitcoin Core is a simplified version of Fully Noded wallet that works only with Bitcoin Core. Available on iOS.

Fully Noded - Bitcoin Core v1.0.0 Released
  • "Fully Noded - Bitcoin Core v1.0.0 just released on App Store!"
  • It works like the original Fully Noded wallet but is focused exclusively on onchain usage via Bitcoin Core for a simpler user experience.
  • It includes "much improved UI and a more efficient codebase, wallet functionality itself has not been changed."
"Now I can focus on improving the app and not being overwhelmed with all of its Lightning and Join Market functionality,' said the developer.
  • "Coming up next "Fully Noded - Lightning" and "Fully Noded - Join Market."

The original Fully Noded wallet comes with Lightning and Join Market support. It's latest version v0.6.9 can be found here.

Latest Fully Noded updates include:

  • v0.6.9: Fixes a bug that caused increasing the gap limit to fail.
  • v0.6.8: Removes bare xpub imports.
  • v0.6.7: Update Tor to v0.4.7.13; Update nostr dependency to https://github.com/jb55/secp256k1.swift.git.
  • v0.6.6: Fixes a bug where countries that use a , as the decimal separator resulted in an error when creating a transaction. Now all numeric values will be hardcoded to display a . as the decimal separator.
    - Fixes an off by one bug in Security Settings that was introduced in v0.6.5.
  • v0.6.5: fix a bug which prevented bitcoin core only wallets from loading on the active wallet view.
    - remove redundant bitcoin core wallet creation view.
  • v0.6.4: fixes a coin control bug when selecting specific utxos to spend would have resulted in an error.
    - fixes a bug where selecting an address from wallet when creating a transaction may have show an incorrect label.
    - simplifies the active wallet view loading logic to help fix a possible crash.
  • v0.6.2: fixes a bug on the active wallet view that may have caused an issue when loading balances and transaction history.
    - fixes a bug where the lightning node manager view did not load for nostrnode connections.
    - adds an address label to each utxo.
    - removes the mix button from utxo's as it is no longer used.

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