Zap.Stream: Nostr Native Streaming with Sats

Zap.Stream is a Nostr native streaming service provider powered by bitcoin.

Zap.Stream: Nostr Native Streaming with Sats
  • "This is a very simple "passthrough" streaming provider (no transcoding, maybe in the future we can do this)," wrote Kieran.
  • "This stream provider will publish your nostr streaming event when you start pushing your stream and also set it to ended once you're done."
  • "Current fee rate is 21 sats/min (subject to change)."

How to get started

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Stream.”
  3. Top up your Balance (you can zap the platform).
  4. Copy your Stream URL and add it to your Stream Server Settings in OBS.
  5. Copy your Stream Key and add that into OBS as well (Stream settings).
  6. Click “Start Streaming” in OBS. That’s it, you’re live!
  7. Revisit and click on the stream button again to add a title, description, etc. Hit save.
  • "UX improvements coming as this is not ideal yet. Hope to see more people stream chilling on Nostr," wrote Karnage.