Free Roman Sterlingov - US Govt Nabs Wrong Man Through Blockchain Analysis

"An arbitrary prosecution. Based on bad forensics with no corroborating evidence. No eyewitnesses, emails, communications. Nothing."

Free Roman Sterlingov - US Govt Nabs Wrong Man Through Blockchain Analysis
  • "On April 27, 2021, 32-year-old dual Swedish-Russian citizen Roman Sterlingov is traveling through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on his way to the flight school intensive when FBI Agents arrest him. They seize the computer geek and crypto-investor’s computers, 3 Terabytes of hard drives, SD cards, thumb drives, back up account codes, handwritten notes, cell phones, etc., and he’s been in jail since."
  • "None of the electronics or storage devices or anything else seized at LAX has any evidence of Roman operating an Onion crypto tumbling site that has a staff and would have required constant maintenance."
  • "A six year investigation and nothing. Roman sits in jail, perplexed; the last plea offer was 25 to life."
  • "This prosecution puts every person who uses cryptocurrencies at risk. The Government should only use scientifically sound, peer-reviewed, accepted, verifiable forensics techniques – and they haven’t done that here."
  • "Federal Criminal Defense is expensive. It is why so many innocent people take plea deals even when they’re wrongly accused. It’s not a fair system, it’s rigged in favor of the prosecution in numerous unspoken ways. The prosecutors have millions of dollars and the resources of the Department of Justice at their disposal; we’re two lawyers and one client up against the Death Star."
  • "We’ve been paying for the case with our own money, going into debt, and are struggling to cover our expenses. But because we believe in Roman’s innocence we are going to stick it out to the end. If you want to help please donate, and spread the word."

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