Civ Kit: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Market System

The paper is authored by Nicholas Gregory, Ray Youssef and Antoine Riard.

Civ Kit: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Market System
  • We propose a new peer-to-peer electronic market system, which enables censorship-resistant and permissionless trading between users of the global Bitcoin system.
  • This design builds on top of the new Nostr protocol for its
    peer-to-peer order book and relies on the Bitcoin blockchain as a source of truth for its Web-of-Stakes market ranking paradigm.
  • Market trades are locked under Bitcoin contracts to avoid reliance on trusted third parties for dispute arbitration.
  • All market nodes are incentivized by privacy-preserving service credentials backed by Bitcoin payments.
  • This market system should enable global trade of any kind of item all over the world: fiat currencies, goods, services.

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