Damus v1.4.2 Released

Damus is a Twitter-like Nostr client for iPhone, iPad and MacOS.

Damus v1.4.2 Released

What's new since v1.4.1-3

  • Include #btc in custom #bitcoin hashtag (William Casarin)
  • Make notification dots configurable (William Casarin)
  • Add support for nostr: bech32 urls in posts and DMs (NIP19) (Bartholomew Joyce)
  • Add #zap and #zapathon custom hashtags (William Casarin)
  • Add custom #plebchain icon (William Casarin)
  • Custom hashtags for #bitcoin, #nostr and #coffeechain (William Casarin)
  • Cache translations (William Casarin)


  • Display follows in most recent to oldest (Luis Cabrera)
  • Add validation to prevent whitespaces be inputted on NIP-05 input field (Terry Yiu)
  • Change reply color from blue to purple. Blue is banned from Damus. (William Casarin)
  • Disable translations in DMs by default (William Casarin)


  • Fix hitches caused by syncronous loading of cached images (William Casarin)
  • Fix tabs sometimes not switching (William Casarin)
  • Don't leak mentions in DMs (William Casarin)
  • Fix tap area when mentioning users (OlegAba)
  • Fix padding in post view (OlegAba)
  • Show most recently bookmarked notes at the top (Bryan Montz)
  • Don't show Translating... if we're not actually translating (William Casarin)
  • Fix translation text popping (William Casarin)
  • Fix broken auto-translations (William Casarin)
  • Fix extraneous padding on some image posts (William Casarin)
  • Fix crash in relay list view (William Casarin)

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