Formstr v1.0: Complete UI Overhaul

Formstr is a free and open source alternative to Google Forms that is built on Nostr.

Formstr v1.0: Complete UI Overhaul
  • "We are happy to announce that Formstr v1 is finally out on!"
  • "We are very happy to assist you in helping you use this product. Would love to hear from you! So as always please leave your valuable feedback here."
  • "Please feel free to report any issues you are facing on our GitHub or Telegram channel.
  • "These and so many more features made possible through contributions by Gautam, Mayuri, Rama and through designs by discoman."

What's new

  • A Complete UI overhaul.
  • Ability to add a banner image to your form.
  • Form Previews.
  • Validations (Regex, Min/Max, Range) on input types.
  • Quizzes.
  • Notify your Nostr profile whenever you receive a response.
  • New Input types(Date/Time/ Dropdown)

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