Emeralize v0.1.0: Now Open Source

Emeralize is a Lightning-enabled marketplace (ecommerce) and Learning Management System (LMS) that has the ability to enable learn-to-earn on free and paid content.

Emeralize v0.1.0: Now Open Source
  • "I announced at @tabconf that @emeralizeapp is open-source," wrote santos.
  • "I started this project 2 years ago at @tabconf 2021 and launched the beta this year. Let’s build the future of education together."
  • Emeralize can be used for blogs, ecommerce projects and learning management systems.
  • Emeralize is built on the django web framework.

It has a few main apps:

  • Emeralize. This is the project settings. Check `emeralize/settings.py``.
  • Accounts. Which deals with authentication things such as registration, login, reset password, and more.
  • Criticalpath. This is the main learning management system app.
  • Marketplace. This is where the ecommerce, wallet, and transactional features live.
  • "Everything else is just for files and some one off template for auth. I know it's bad but I haven't had time to refactor it."


  • Learning Management System
  • Content Management System
  • Marketplace
  • Wallet & Transaction System
  • Paywall
  • Value-4-Value (V4V) Content
  • Tipping
  • Payment Splitting (courses and ebooks)
  • Bitcoin Lightning Payments
  • Automatic Withdrawals to Lightning Address

GitHub Repo