CalyxOS v4.8.0: April Security Update & Security Express

"This update is initially rolling out in our new Security Express update channel, which can be summarized in four words: Fastest updates, possible breakage."

CalyxOS v4.8.0: April Security Update & Security Express

Introducing Security Express

The Security Express channel allows us to achieve two major goals:

  • Ship AOSP’s security updates faster, for users who want to receive security fixes as quickly as possible, even in the face of possible bugs.
  • With your help, catch and fix more bugs that appear after merging security updates, before they reach the Stable channel.


  • April 2023 Security update
  • Chromium: 112.0.5615.48 (latest stable)
  • Restrict USB access at boot time when configured to only allow when unlocked
  • Fix viewing app info dashboard of hidden work app
  • Allow user to add/remove Quick Settings tiles with one click
  • Paused work apps now remain paused after reboot (with fixes from beta)
  • Messaging: Slight Material You design changes
  • Update all included apps to latest
  • SetupWizard: Don’t crash when you press next with no apps selected
  • Keyboard: Fix spell check on sentence end
  • F-Droid: 1.16.2

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