Cake Wallet to Integrate Lightning Network Support with Breez SDK

Lightning infrastructure solutions provider Breez has announced a partnership with multicoin Cake Wallet to incorporate Lightning payments.

Cake Wallet to Integrate Lightning Network Support with Breez SDK
  • "We're thrilled to announce the popular multicoin app, Cake Wallet, as our latest SDK partner, bringing bitcoin payments at Lightning speed to its large, global user base," announced Breez.
"With the partnership between Cake Wallet and the Breez SDK, Lightning is ready to play in the crypto world. It opens Lightning to millions of crypto users with nearly $3 trillion worth of liquidity across the currencies available on the Cake Wallet app."
  • “Introducing Lightning to the broader world of crypto will help more users interface with Bitcoin, and Lightning is the tech that can put the currency into “cryptocurrency.” Bringing crypto and Lightning together is an inevitable step on the way to mainstreaming Bitcoin,” said  Breez CEO Roy Sheinfield.
"One of our most requested features is coming soon....we're partnering with Breez to offer Lightning within Cake Wallet. We'll be publishing more info in the coming weeks! Breez has been amazing to work with, check out their blog for more info," added Cake Wallet.
  • Per Bitcoin Magazine, the public release of the Lightning Network support in Cake Wallet is expected to roll out in July 2024.

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