Roger Ver Released on $160K Bail in Spain

Roger Ver has been released on bail in Spain, where he faces extradition to the U.S. on tax fraud charges, according to Bloomberg.

Roger Ver Released on $160K Bail in Spain
Source: Flickr.
  • Ver was permitted to leave jail on May 17 after paying €150,000 ($163,000) in bail, under the conditions that he stay in Spain and surrender his passport. Additionally, he is required to appear in court every two days.
  • The prosecutor’s appeal against his release was rejected two weeks later, as per a copy of the judge’s decision obtained by Bloomberg News.
"[Ver] is not a fugitive at all, since he has been in touch with the US authorities through his Californian lawyers. Therefore, he was aware of the investigation and, in my opinion, his arrest didn’t make sense," his lawyer Jaime Campaner told Bloomberg.
  • U.S. authorities are seeking Roger Ver’s extradition to face tax fraud charges, alleging he failed to report capital gains or pay taxes on his Bitcoin holdings acquired since 2011.

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