Ginger Wallet: Wasabi Wallet Fork with 'Compliant' Coinjoins

Ginger Wallet is an open-source, non-custodial, privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet for desktop. It is a fork of Wasabi Wallet with an unchangeable default coordinator that sends all coinjoin input transactions to a chain surveillance partner.

Ginger Wallet: Wasabi Wallet Fork with 'Compliant' Coinjoins
  • "Exciting news! Ginger Wallet has launched! The most secure, privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet is here. Download now and reclaim your financial privacy," announced the project.
"We concluded with the Wasabi maintainer that our future directions were different, so we decided to create a fork of the Wasabi project. The fork was created recently after Wasabi v2.0.7.2, with no functional changes — just rebranding," was stated in a blog post.

The project is maintained by the GingerPrivacy team and is registered as InvisibleBit LLC. The team consists of former Wasabi developers and zkSNACKs CTO David Molnar.

  • "Currently, both Wasabi and Ginger clients are compatible with the Ginger coordinator. However, this might change in the future, so I highly suggest downloading the Ginger Wallet client from our website," added the CTO in the post.
"We have partnered with one of the world's leading blockchain analytics companies. When new coins attempt to enter our CoinJoin for the first time, we use their coin verifier service to ensure that every coin you mix with has a low risk score," states the project's website.

The above is used for filtering blacklisted UTXOs from entering coinjoin rounds. 'Compliant' coinjoin participants still enjoy a post-coinjoin gain of privacy. Back in 2022, zkSnacks explained their reasoning for filtering coinjoin participants here.

What's new

  • This version is similar to Wasabi Wallet v2.0.8, just small tweaks and rebranding.
  • Default coordinator set to Ginger coordinator (cannot be changed). This includes the same fees structure and restrictions as before with Wasabi(zkSNACKs) coordinator:
    • FREE Remix.
    • FREE under 0.01 BTC.
    • Free for coins that come from Wasabi coinjoins.
    • "Secure! Illicit actors are not allowed to participate."
    • "Residents of USA not allowed to use it."
  • "Ginger is using the user's same working folder as Wasabi. Create backup if required. Our signatures are new - in browsers so you might get warning messages because their reputation score is low."

Ginger Coordinator is also accessible via Wasabi Wallet, which now supports custom coinjoin coordinators.

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