Blockstream Jade v1.0.21: Better Navigation and Readability

Blockstream Jade Firmware is a free and open source software for Jade signing devices.

Blockstream Jade v1.0.21: Better Navigation and Readability
  • "Help celebrate the achievement of Blockstream Jade reaching escape velocity by downloading Jade version 1.0.21!"
  • "Thanks to the open-source movement & the dedication of bitcoiners Jade has been through a ton of development since version 0.1.21 rounding out it’s feature set, user experience & implementing highly requested functionality like:

    - QR scan air-gap support;
    - BIP85 key management."

What's new

  • "The new Blockstream Jade UX brings major improvements including:

    - Better navigation & readabilty on Jade;
    - More intuitive SeedQR scanning flows;
    - Direct links to Bitcoin self-custody help content.
  • Click here to upgrade your Jade device.
  • Learn how to update Jade’s firmware in this Deciphered short with Blockstream E-Commerce Operations Manager @fischin4sats.

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