Blockstream Green Android v4.0.20, iOS v4.0.19 Released

Blockstream Green is a multi-platform, feature-rich Bitcoin wallet with Liquid support.

Blockstream Green Android v4.0.20, iOS v4.0.19 Released
  • If you want to try Lightning on Green wallet, check out this quick guide.

What's new (Android)

  • Support Lightning with Jade air-gapped BIP85 mnemonic
  • Support Jade watch-only import by scanning BCUR animated QR codes
  • Enable 2FA call method as an SMS backup
  • Bump GDK to version 0.69
  • Fix keystore key being invalidated when device was unlocked with face biometrics
  • Fix amount being calculated incorrectly for locales using comma as decimal separator
  • Various bug and crash fixes

What's new (iOS)

  • Add watch-only import scanning Jade animated QR codes
  • Add delegated Lightning account for Jade
  • Update Breez SDK to 0.2.7
  • Update GDK to 0.69.0
  • Fix lightning accounts disappearing
  • Minor UI fixes for lightning

v4.0.18 of Blockstream Green wallet for iOS also included the following:

  • Lightning support LNURL withdraw
  • Lightning Shortcuts
  • Improve QR Scanner

GitHub Repo (Android)
GitHub Repo (iOS)