Bitcoin Developer Mailing List Migrates to Google Groups

"The new mailing list archive can be viewed in the online interface (no Google account required) and is also backed up externally at The old mailing list contents can also be viewed there."

Bitcoin Developer Mailing List Migrates to Google Groups
  • "After working through a few roadblocks we are now finally ready to migrate the mailing list to Google Groups. Emails to the old list are no longer accepted as of February 2024. Subscribe promptly to ensure you're not missing any emails. We'll wait 24 hours prior to letting new emails through to give people time to subscribe," announced the mailing moderators.
  • The new location of the bitcoindev mailing list is (no Google account required):
  • Ongoing archive including previous messages can be found here.
  • "Note we aren't relying on Google for anything critical here and are merely using them as a conduit for information that is already meant to be public."
"If you want to subscribe manually you have two options. You can send an email to and then send a reply to the automated email you'll receive (check your spam folder). Alternatively, you can also subscribe through the online interface at, using a Google account (not the same as gmail - you can create a Google account with any email address you like)."

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