Mostr Bridge Now Supports Zaps Between Nostr and Fediverse

Mostr is a bridge between Nostr and the Fediverse (Mastodon, ActivityPub, etc). It allows users on both networks to communicate, through a Mostr server.

Mostr Bridge Now Supports Zaps Between Nostr and Fediverse
  • "Last year we launched the Mostr Bridge, connecting ActivityPub and Nostr together. Users on the Fediverse can start accepting zaps today. To get started, just add a Lightning address to your profile and save," announced Alex Gleason.
Mastodon profile fields

  • "Just add a custom profile field in the "Edit profile" screen, using a lightning bolt emoji (⚡) as the label, and your Bitcoin Lightning address as the content. Now, users on Nostr will see a zap button by each of your posts."
"Users on Nostr will then be able to send you zaps on all of your posts. You won't get in-app notifications for zaps, but your Lightning wallet might notify you."
  • "But can ActivityPub users zap Nostr users? Can ActivityPub users zap other ActivityPub users? The answer is YES. But it requires a few extra steps."
Soapbox zap
  • "Incredibly, it was discovered that Zapple Pay can be used (in conjuction with the Mostr Bridge) to enable ActivityPub users to send zaps, to both Nostr users, and to other ActivityPub users! As it turns out, Apple's censorship is our empowerment."
"Remember that you don't have to enable Zapple Pay to receive zaps, just to send it. So if you don't do these steps, it's still worth setting up a Lightning address to receive zaps."
  • "By leveraging existing technology in the ecosystem, sats can now flow between Nostr and the Fediverse. The is a first step in the journey to integrate payments with Soapbox."
  • "Keep your eyes out for Ditto, releasing this year, which includes a very unique Lightning feature never seen before (along with first-class zap integrations)."
  • "Special thanks to benthecarman for debugging Zapple Pay with me!"

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