Binance Confirms It Is Working on Lightning Network Integration

The exchange said that it is working to integrate Lightning Network for deposits and withdrawals after some users discovered its node on the network last week.

Binance Confirms It Is Working on Lightning Network Integration
  • "Binance is working to integrate the Bitcoin Lightning Network for deposits and withdrawals," the exchange posted on Twitter today.
  • "Some eagle-eyed users spotted our new lightning nodes recently. Yes - that's us," the exchange confirmed, referring to several recent Lightning Network observations by Amboss and a few others.
  • "However, there's still more tech work to be done. We'll update once Lightning is fully integrated," the exchange noted.
  • Lately, Binance has been under lots of regulatory pressure globally. In addition to the recent charges by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for "blatant disregard of federal securities laws," the exchange also quit the Netherlands after failing to obtain a license from local regulators, and came under investigation in France due to its anti-money laundering procedures. The news follows Binance's recent withdrawal from Canada.
  • At the same time, Binance also is attempting to become more friendly for Bitcoin users, as it finally started to explore the Lightning Network and even launched its own Bitcoin transaction accelerator last week.

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