Binance Pool Launches BTC Transaction Accelerator

Binance Pool now offers transaction acceleration services for Binance VIP users.

Binance Pool Launches BTC Transaction Accelerator
  • "A transaction accelerator is a service that helps speed up the confirmation process of cryptocurrency transactions, especially during network congestion or when a user has set low transaction fees."
  • "By using this service, transactions will be prioritized by the miners, so they can be confirmed quicker than they otherwise would be," explains the service's FAQ section.
  • "The Binance BTC Transaction Accelerator is exclusive to Binance VIP users."
  • "You can contact Business Development managers for assistance if you are a VIP 1-9 user, or you can contact the Binance Pool team via Telegram (@BinancePoolAccelerator) if you are a regular user."
  • announced a similar service back at Bitcoin 2023 that is set to come out later this year.

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