BDK v1.0.0-alpha.5 Released

The BDK libraries aims to provide well engineered and reviewed components for Bitcoin based applications. The Bitcoin Dev Kit developers are in the process of releasing a v1.0 which is a fundamental re-write of how the library works.

BDK v1.0.0-alpha.5 Released
  • "BDK 1.0.0-alpha.5 is out! This release introduces a block-by-block API to bdk::Wallet & adds a RPC wallet example, improves performance of bdk_file_store::EntryIter, and simplifies Esplora::update_local_chain with additional tests."

What's new


  • InsertTxError now implements std::error::Error#1172
  • Simplified EsploraExt::update_local_chain logic. #1267


  • EntryIter performance is improved by reducing syscalls. #1270
  • Changed to implement ElectrumExt for all that implements ElectrumApi#1306


  • Wallet methods to apply full blocks (apply_block and apply_block_connected_to) and a method to apply a batch of unconfirmed transactions (apply_unconfirmed_txs). #1172
  • CheckPoint::from_block_ids convenience method. #1172
  • LocalChain methods to apply a block header (apply_header and apply_header_connected_to). #1172
  • Test to show that LocalChain can apply updates that are shorter than original. This will happen during reorgs if we sync wallet with bdk_bitcoind_rpc::Emitter#1172

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